The Birth of An Addict


Mom: Zachary Bryce Meador was born on June 19, 1987 in San Diego, California.  I had him in two hours from the first labor pain to the time he flew out of me.

He came into the world fast; the nurse nearly dropped him.

He looked around the room with one Teye open like Popeye. He scanned the room (as if checking to see if it was safe) then opened his other eye. What an entrance. 

You don’t know when you are pregnant that your child will turn out to be a drug addict. All of your hopes and dreams for your baby would not even breathe a faint indicator that the fate of your child is drug purgatory. No one is ever properly equipped with the challenges you will be given or the outcomes it may bring. Hopes, fears, tears, love, joy, stress, faith, strength and forgiveness are just a few adjectives that describe parenting; with or without a major disease headed towards your future.

Zack: I am super tired from everything; from the moment I got busted to going through cell processing. I won’t even get a bed for about 24 hours and I just can’t imagine even making it till then.   I am sitting in a jail cell, and withdrawing so badly. No one cares and I am just wondering how many more times my body, mind, spirit, soul and family can go through this? I just want any way out at this moment. I am freezing cold, yet sweating.  My skin is on fire, my muscles are cramping and spasming, I am having the worst anxiety attack; I am on the edge of a cliff, but yet I cannot jump off. I wish I could just escape so I could use the final drug and jump off that cliff once and for all.

Both: How does a child go from opening their eyes to the world, into a jail cell, filled up with drugs and despair? It can happen to any of us, I suppose. Help us figure it out as we continue to explore Zack’s Journey together.


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