Meet Zack

I grew up in Orange County, California. I was raised by a single mom who was only 19 when she had me, so we were more like friends than anything.

My childhood was pretty normal actually . I was great at most sports, especially hockey, surfing and skateboarding. I have always been popular wherever I go.  We moved a lot so I was always needing to make new friends and it came pretty easy to me.

The turning point from my normal childhood to my crazy addiction was when I was 12.  We moved to Huntington Beach and the apartment complex we moved into had several boys my age and they all skateboarded, so we quickly became friends.

My friend’s dad and brother smoked pot and so we stole some pot from his dad and we smoked it and laughed our asses off all night long.  My friend would come visit his dad every other weekend and so every time he would visit, we would smoke pot. We were destined to be cooler than anyone else because we were doing extra curricular activities that no one else was.  I became a massive stoner. Through this lifestyle, different drugs came through the group and I was always up for discovering the next thing to try.

This was a slow process that ultimately became my lifestyle and it spiraled out of control.  Now I am thirty years old and trying to begin my life again, as an addict without drugs.